Sunday, May 26, 2013


What is an Angel card reading?

An Angel card reading is performed using angel oracle cards and my own divine connections with the Angels.  Together we present to you loving messages from your angels concerning your life path or purpose, career, relationships, and family.

All readings are confidential and will be done by email.  25% of the reading will go towards covering PayPal fees and covering deck card costs.

The remaining 75% of the proceeds will go towards one of my favorite local organizations:
  • Operation Second Chance / Jail Dogs
  • I Will Survive, Inc.
You decide which organization receives the donation by clicking on the organization's PayPal buttons on the following tabs.

For any questions, comments, or for readings in person (in the Atlanta, GA area) please email me at:


I am just like you... journeying though life path here and now. As with all of the guidance we have around us from our Angels, I too, take the time in my daily life to sit and listen to their loving guidance.  I have realized that I am here to bring others closer to working with the Angels around them by doing Angel card readings for all of you, our own earth angels who walk among us each and every day.